Fam Etiquette


Fam Etiquette



Fam Trip (noun)-  A low cost trip for travel professionals provided by a travel operator as a means of promoting their service.

Our suppliers work hard to offer agents the most educational and exciting tours possible at substantially reduced rates. These trips take months of planning and a lot of hard work. Please be respectful of your hosts and tour conductors. If you have complaints about a tour or property, do not complain while on your trip. After the tour we will provide a survey and you can provide us your honest opinion of the tour at that time.

Come prepared- Pack appropriate shoes and clothes for the climate and destination. Most FAMs include lots of walking during the day and some kind of reception or meal function in the evenings. Many of the restaurants have dress codes so be sure to bring more formal clothes as well. During the tour portion of the trip short-shorts and revealing clothes are not allowed. If you are unsure of what to pack, please ask your tour supplier or TA Fams.

Be on time- A lot of our tours require a strict schedule. Make sure that you are on time for all scheduled events.

Be respectful of other guests (even ones not on the FAM)- When touring resorts and cruises, keep your voice lowered so as to not disturb other guests. Walk in single file when meeting other guests in the hall way. Never discuss with other guests what you paid for your stay.

Be Neat- While on site inspections never sit on the beds and never leave anything behind. This includes leaving trash in the trash cans or toilets. These rooms have already been cleaned for the next guests checking in and should be left the way you found them.

Do not act entitled- We cannot stress this enough! One of the main complaints we receive from tour suppliers is that so many travel agents feel entitled it ruins the experience for the entire group.

Be gracious- Be sure mind your manners and treat everyone including other participants, your hosts, housekeepers and wait staff with respect. 

Tipping- Unless notated, gratuities are not included. Please be generous with your tips.