Q & A

New for 2017

Because our business model is so unique, we get a lot of questions about how we work. We only work with travel agents and our main focus is familiarization trips. We are here to help agents familiarize themselves with new and exciting destinations by offering our villas at up to 80% off normal rental rates as well as escorted fam trips.

We are working hard to improve our response times.  To do this, we are making some much needed changes for 2017. 

Automated responses to Booking Forms: When you submit a Booking Form, you will receive an email as soon as it has been received. You will then receive another email within 1 business day to follow up.

Please note: If you receive an email that the villa is already booked, it’s nothing personal.  With most of our villa fams, we only have 1-2 weeks of availability and will get multiple responses to each property. They are submitted to our supplier in the order in which they are received.  When a property is advertised as available for multiple months (such as April –July) it does not mean that we can get each and every week during that time.  Normally, the owner is open to hosting for any 1-2 weeks within that time frame.

Website Listings for our villas: We will be updating our website often.  We work with over 1,000 properties worldwide; however, we will be limiting the properties and switching them out as often as possible. There will be a link to the Booking Form on all villa listings. Only submit this form if you are ready to book.  If you have questions about the property or want to check a specific week, please submit the "Property Question" form.  We are penalized everytime we submit a Booking Form to our supplier and the agent does not book.  Currently, we are not charging agents for this as we know that things come up. 

Newsletters- We send out newsletters to qualified agents regarding new properties, specials, and tour availability.We do NOT publish rates on the website but DO include them in our newsletters. Signing up is simple and we NEVER use or sell your contact information for anything except these newsletters.

Newsletter Opt-In

Q. Who is qualified to book a villa fam with TA Fams?

A. For most of our villa fams, we do not require an IATAN/CLIA card. This is because we know that new agents need to visit these destinations as well.  We do verify your agency.

Q. Why is the agent rate not included on the website?

A. Because our rates are so deeply discounted, our supplier will not allow up to publish them on the website for concerns that a client may see these rates and it will devalue the villa. 

Q. What does the price include?

A. For most of the villas, the price is a total cost.  It includes all taxes and fees.  Villas with a staff, sometimes include a fee for the staff and gratuities are not included.  A few of our properties will have an additional cleaning fee, however, we let you know before booing. 

Q. How many people can I have in my party?

A. Unless stated otherwise, you will receive the entire villa and can have up to the maximum listed occupancy. If the occupancy is not listed, it is usually safe to figure on two per bedroom.

Q.  Who can I take with me?

You can take whoever you are comfortable taking as long as you are present.  Also, you are responsible for your entire party should they cause any damage.

Q. Are pets allowed

A. Generally not.  If you have a pet that you take with you on vacation, please let us know in advance and we will inquire with the owner.

Q. What is required of me when I visit a property?

A. We do not require site inspections of our villas.  You should always leave the property neat and clean when you leave- even if there is a cleaning fee. The owners are doing us a great favor by allowing us to have use of their property. Please respect it.  The main thing to do is HAVE FUN!